WeatherGuard Shutters

Roll Downs

See The Roll Down Photo Gallery WeatherGuard is the industry leader in the production and installation of aesthetically pleasing and architecturally designed roll down shutters for today's homes. WeatherGuard is recognized by those who supply the industry as the most innovative shutter company in the industry today. WeatherGuard, Inc. Roll Down Shutters are made to withstand hurricane winds and flying debris while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Our shutters are tested and approved to meet the Florida Building Code. They are typically mounted to the outside of the wall, within a balcony opening, or can be concealed in the wall during new construction. In addition to providing storm protection, our roll downs also provide security, privacy, insulation, or noise and light reduction.

WeatherGuard roll down shutters can also save you money on energy bills by stopping excessive heat or cold from entering or leaving your home. Controlled from the inside of your home, you can also regulate the airflow or light from the vent holes when desired. Custom made and maintenance free, WeatherGuard roll down shutters will give you years of protection and energy efficiency, adding value, beautiful décor and maximum durability.

WeatherGuard roll down shutters are available in white, ivory, beige and bronze, as well as custom colors. We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetics of your home or business. That is why over 15 years ago we developed the process of stuccoing our tracks and hoods to match the aesthetics of your home. We can match any stucco finish, and we offer foam banding as an option as well.

Unusual Shaped Windows and Openings

Since our roll down shutters are custom made, we can design them to protect unusual shaped windows and openings.

40 MM Extruded Aluminum Slat is a small profile slat which allows a smaller box to be used. The best application for this shutter is for doors or windows where there is not a lot of room for the top housing (hood).

55 MM Extruded Aluminum Slat is excellent for security and storm protection. The slat profile is larger than the 40 MM extruded aluminum slat, which allows it to have a greater span without storm bars.

60 MM Extruded Aluminum Slat has a slightly larger profile than the 55 MM Extruded Aluminum Slat, so it can span an even greater width without storm bars.

58mm Extruded Aluminum Slat is used in our End Retention System. It is designed for maximum storm and security protection on large spans without the need of storm bars and headers in areas that accept the "Florida Building Code" for Non High Velocity Zones. This product is ideal for wider and taller openings such as lanais.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimate hurricane protection
  • Instant security
  • Maintenance free
  • Most convenient type of shutter
  • Ideal for hurricane protection, security, privacy and noise control
  • Helps with temperature control and reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Installation can be concealed in the soffit or in the wall if house is under construction
  • Custom manufactured
  • Operated either manually or motorized
  • Transforms a balcony into an extra room
  • In vented position, shutter allows diffused light to enter